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How to Backup Messages on Whatsapp for Android?

It is very important to keep the record of your messages somewhere. Some people are really important and they want to save the chat history of them. How can we save the chat of our loved ones and make them realize and remember their words. You will only save the messages which you have done during the conversation for free. For iOS devices use this guide to backup chat messages on Whatsapp. I want to make it clear that many people are struggling to get into touch with everyone. You can change your status message and share it with your friends. Now the question is that how can you do it? The method is so easy and you can follow it. There are several ways you can use to make backup on your android and OS phones. Whatsapp has the built-in server who saves the messages into their server and people can use these messages whenever they want. No other messenger other than facebook, skype and whatsapp gives this kind of services. The simple tip is described below

Backup whatsapp statuses

This is so funny there is no option to backup the statuses that you posted on your whatsapp. This way you can easily ditch many persons. If you want to make backup of the status messages, you have to take the screenshot of your each status message which is quite bad and lengthy task. There is no other way to make backup of your whatsapp statuses. No need to take backup of whatsapp status messages, just get them from here every time you want to change your status. This website is the warehouse of the statuses and you can grab as much statuses whenever you want. You will not lose the statuses messages of your own at any cost. Many people will love you and put their statuses as yours statuses. Whatsapp is the messenger that gives you only option to make the backups of the chat conversation which is quite interesting. Many people will love to create the backup and use that backup whenever they wanted to have.

Other chat platforms

There are several kinds of chat sites which you can use to make your chatting powerful. Many chat sites are the core part of any system which is quite perfect. If you're looking for a good chat, visit this website to have a better chat experience. Many people are loving and caring so you must come to our platform which is sophisticated.